• A triplet mushroom with a face and multiple eyes. Stars and moon in the background.

    Mushroom Trio

  • The profile of an head that is constructed of buildings, trees, streets and more

    STAD – Torget

  • The space lady with a hat with antlers and a dark sky with moon and stars in the background.

    The Space Lady – Farewell Tour Scandinavia

  • A jellyfish with four arms.

    Koloni Logotype

  • A large creature with antlers is seen in the background. Trees seem to grow from its back.

    Obygden Cirkusfestival 2022

  • A black and blue crow surrounded by sticks.

    Blue Crow

  • A silhouette of a head with a bunch of tangled thoughts inside.

    Tangled Mind

  • A onion like creature with angry big eyes.

    Angry Onion

  • Famous Death Metal symbols - a guitar, the heavy metal pedal, a bat, a skull, a chest and a hand making the devil symbol

    Death Metal

  • A one eyed monster reaches its hands to the sky.

    Tape Fest at Super Deluxe

  • The Space Lady standing with a keyboard in her arms against a starry sky.

    The Space Lady – Swedish Tour 2016

  • Creature with big ears covered in branches, flowers and leaves.

    In Bloom

  • A man with horned hat is filled with growing plants and flowers.

    Flowering Man

  • Abstract image with different shapes and eyes.

    Kolonifestival på Inkonst

  • An owl sitting in a tree during night. Stars are seen in the background.

    The Night Owl

  • A summery collage consisting of a stage, flowers, birds and a sun.


  • A landscape created by various images of mountains.

    Svarta Stugan – Islands/Öar

  • A person in hat and coat struggling in the wind and rain.

    Gothenburg Rain

  • A creature with a mask and large red horns. A starry sky is seen in the background.

    Koloni – Jessica Moss, Ka Baird and Elin Piel

  • A creature is weaving some kind of thread. Large trees grow through the tangle.

    Finna Flyt