A Yeti surrounded by stones

Happy Yeti

Frog like creature surrounded by various shapes

Koloni 14 years celebration

Red cloud creature reaching for diamond


A creature in pink and red surrounded by small stones

Koloni at Stormkungen

Collage illustration made of various images of coffee cups and coffee beans

TNT Barista Battle Royale

Landscape with mountains and a cabin created with collage technique

Svarta Stugan – Islands/Öar

Creature in red and blue created with collage technique

Koloni 2015

Screaming man with guitar


A cloud creature with arms and lightning bolts.

Iunius Ståt

Alien in wood landscape reaching for shere

Tape Fest at Super Deluxe

Faces of different green creatures against an orange background.


Collage with a creature in an industrial landscape.


Collage in green with kosmonaut.

Kikagaku Moyo and Ved at Koloni

The Space Lady holdning a synthesizer

The Space Lady

Illustration with hands, eyes and some kind of creature.

Hands II

Collage of vintage photography, containing a mountain landscape and Mattias Hellberg in a sailing boat

Mattias Hellberg Tour

Creature gathering a diamond and stones


A portrait of a colourful bird.


Collage containing trees, houses and shadows

Robert Smith och Jag

Collage of a man with beard and antlers

Wooden Man

Red creature that is making a pose

Red Creature

Alien like creature in red and green

Damo Suzuki’s Network and Fabulous Diamonds at Koloni

Photo of Mattias Hellberg

Mattias Hellberg – In Egolectric Harmony

The Snake and the Storm God fightning

The Storm-god and the Snake

Bearded sea captain with birds on his shoulders.

Tape Fest at Rönnells

Collage of hands and eyes


Owl and landscape with mountains and woods

Elfin Saddle Tour

Cloud-like creatures reaching for diamonds

Diamond Dancer

Poster for Kolonifest at Inkonst featuring abstract elements in purple, black and pink.

Kolonifestival at Inkonst


Collage with a pair of hands holding several different images with a seascape as background.

Blick Auf Das Meer Tour

Poster with squares containing various shapes and images

Friday I’m in Love

Collage consisting of vintage photography which form a face of a being

Go Tell It To The Mountain

Colorful image of young boy with camera

Let Your Dreams Come True

Illustration of the main character of the short story

En Idiot till President

Poster for Dorit Chrysler's 2013 tour in Europe.

Dorit Chrysler Tour Poster

A collage technique illustration of a robot holding a flower.